More Rising Prices…Few More Water Tips

It's time to seriously consider your budget and exactly what you are going to do to stretch or supplement your current income. This week on Ready Or Not we will be discussing some work from home options to help you begin to think creatively about just what you can do. If you know of someone who has begun a business from home or if you have, please let me know. Was your attempt a failure? We would like to hear...

Gas Prices Soaring…What are You Doing?…Water, Water, Not Everywhere

Gas prices are soaring. In December I told you I was hearing experts say they expected gas prices to be $5.00 per gallon by spring. Today gas prices are 83% higher than when President Obama took office and 35 cents more than this week last year.  With grocery prices soaring too what are you doing to stave off poverty. Seriously, what are you doing to stretch your budget or to save money around your home? If you...

Our Own Tent City…A Big Change Coming

The rotten economy has hit our home just as it has your home. For the past five years I have posted, written newsletters, written articles, hosted a radio show and spoken to groups about preparing and living a self reliant life style. It has been a passion and a love. I have tried to help those who were struggling to prepare. Natural disasters have made me cry as I watched people suffer. I have tired to help readers...

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