A day to Remember and Prepare

Welcome Home for returning World War I soldier...

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2 Responses to “A day to Remember and Prepare”

  1. Robarta says:

    I was so impressed with the way you laid out the reality of how necessary it is to be prepared. I, along with my 4 children and husband, survived an ice storm. We had a power outage for 12 days at my home. Some people were without power for 22 days. It puts a totally different light on “If ye are prepared Ye shall not fear!” We have always tried to keep our food and water storage up and rotated, and are huge fans of gardening and canning. thank goodness for that. During the ice storm several hundred people went into a shear panic. Several families who lived on dead end roads were unable to get out for anything. We are blessed to have a wood burning stove as a heat source and as a cooking unit. For the 12 days with no power we fed over 36 families daily. There were stock pots of something on our stove at all times. All these people kept coming and some of them I had never seen before. But a hungry soul is a welcome soul. So we opened a “Soup Living Room” to any who needed it. Through our food storage we never ran low. We had some rough events that I won’t go in to, but there were things taken from our home, yard and even chicken coop, but when the storm was over, we were blessed with new friends, an abundance of canned food left at our doorstep, and a new awareness of how important it is to be ready: spiritually, emotionally, physically, as well as prepared with storage of water, food, and a good amount of lighting, heat, and a way to prepare food. Comfort food should also be made a part of our mix for the expected ice storm this coming February. I hope I am ready!!

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