After teaching families to prepare for emergencies for over 20 years we went in search of a product we could endorse. Have you noticed as you search for kits that they all look the same? We could not find one we felt provided for the needs of adults as well as children, while maintaining high quality at affordable price, thus Totally Ready was born.

At Totally Ready we design all of our own kits. They meet all Coast Guard, FEMA and SOLAS requirements. All our food and water products have a 5 year shelf life. We provide MRE meals for dinners and energy bars for breakfast and lunch. In the testing we did we discovered most people wanted at least one meal a day that tasted and felt like eating a real meal. We taste tested our energy bars with adults and children as young as 2 years old and discovered they were hands down, no contest, preferred over carb bars sold in other kits. The children thought they were cookies as they have the consistency of a shortbread cookie. All studies by independent and government agencies show that children will starve before they will eat food they do not like. This makes food our number one concern. We also provide a minimum of 1000 calories a day so you will have the energy to care for your needs and start the rebuilding process.

We believe children are often overlooked in emergency planning. We know children are more comforted and feel more secure during a crisis when they have their own supplies. They need to feel they are still in control of something during a crisis, as much as an adult has that need. Totally Ready therefore, has the only complete line of kits on the market, designed specifically for children.

At Totally Ready when we sell a kit for 2 it is truly a kit for 2. We observed many others sell kits designed for more than one person but then only have one pair of work gloves, or one face mask, or one whistle?. We believe everyone in your family deserves the same safety and comfort items as everyone else.

Another unique feature of a Totally Ready kit are the Emergency Cards, Documents to Add list and Items to Add list packed in every kit. The emergency card should be filled out and kept in the kit providing valuable information for emergency personnel in case of injury or separation from family members. The Documents to Add list will help you organize and copy important documents to be kept in your kits. These documents will help you identify family members, file insurance claims, apply for government aid, access savings and credit card accounts and so much more. Our Items to Add list will help you to remember the personal items which will help your safety and recovery. These include such things as prescriptions, extra eye glasses, a change of clothing, infant items, even some cash?? These list have been extremely appreciated by our customers who say they would never have thought to include many of the items. All our kits are packed in oversized backpacks leaving plenty of extra room to add personal items and still have your hands free to care for children and pets.

At Totally Ready it is our goal to prepare families and individuals so when tragedy strikes they will be able to truly take care of their own needs for 72 hours, the length of time the government warns it will take to get supplies to affected people and to get them distributed.

We can customize any kit to your special needs and offer discounts for volume purchases. We also have a fund raising program which can provide funds to your favorite school or non-profit group while helping your community prepare. Please visit our web site at TotallyReady.com for information on our fundraising program. Or contact us at info@TotallyReady.com for more information or volume price quotes.

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