Emergency Preparedness is not a one-time event. It means adapting to current conditions and threats, and being well-informed. Dare to prepare! Act! Step up! Lead!

With the Totally Ready Newsletter, you won’t need to worry that you missed something vital on our blog – it’s all here, concisely summarized with action items for home storage (what we call the “General Store”), for Pandemic Prep, and for the family budget – money saving steps that make the most of what you have during the Great Recession.

Our newsletter will be sent directly to your email once a month and will include:

The ins and outs of creating your own General Store to keep you secure and self-reliant.

Exclusive Money Saving tips for the month.

A review of Pandemic Planning to increase your readiness month-by-month.

Recipes using ingredients from your General Store.

FAQ’s from the TotallyReady blog.

Specific disaster preparedness agendas for various disaster scenarios: hurricane prep in hurricane season, earthquake prep, tornado prep, winter prep for ice storms – to name a few.

Excerpts from upcoming ebooks – exclusive to newsletter subscribers.

Updates on breaking news concerning Pandemics, Natural Disasters or Terrorist events.

Special discounts on preparedness products.

Immediate notification if a threat level if raised by the World Health Organization, FEMA, or the Center for Disease Control.

All summaries or breaking news items will include a link to the original post or news source.

Critical emergency info sent directly to your inbox – when you need it most.

A great gift for those you care about most…

Many of you have told me of your frustration with friends and family who are not preparing.

Our first newsletter will explain the importance of preparedness, review our three month supply, introduce the General Store concept, bring you up-to-speed on the H1N1 flu virus,

and include an e-book discount for our new e-book – all this for subscribers only!


One year subscription: $20.00

Two year subscription $24.00–that’s just $1.00/month

Add a One Year Gift Subscription for just $10.00 with any subscription purchased

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For group rates. please contact me directly.

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