Baking Bread and Family Coming to Town

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It's been a few days since I've posted but I've been busy none the less. Every time we have guests for a few days it seems I have a new revelation that brings me closer to being ready just in case we have people evacuate to our home during an emergency. This week I realized I don't have enough paper products in the house. In this I include coffee filters which I used for toast, snacks and hot dog wrappers. They are so…cheap, less than a penny each. Check your July 1, 2010 newsletter for ideas on how to use coffee filter. Now, I know paper plates are not the most frugal way to host family but when you consider how much hot water it takes to wash dishes in the dishwasher for 12, paper is cheaper. Now if you wash by hand that goes down quite a bit but it also takes hours of time and there is value in our time. I'm going to spend the change I'm saving in my trusty jar, to buy more paper product. One more thing, purchase paper when preparing, not Styrofoam. You can burn paper if there is no trash pick up after a disaster but not Styrofoam.

I have been experimenting with bread recipes the past week. I know I can make a loaf of white or wheat bread for 30 to 40 cents a loaf but I love bread and I love variety in my diet. I made a soda bread first. I love the idea of a bread that I don't need yeast to make. The first recipe was for an onion cheese bread and it was ok but not great. I usually follow a recipe when I make something for the first time so since I had already made the bread it was time to tweek the recipe. My second attempt was to make an onion soda bread, no cheese. The cheese bread was heavy and you really could not taste the cheese so I left it out. I like onion but I love grilled onion so I decided to add grilled onion to the bread instead of raw. WOW! I loved it! I will post the recipes in the newsletter and also on the Getting Out of Debt Recipes and Instructions page.

Before I forget, I will post all the recipes and tips from my frugal living adventure in the newsletter each month so if you miss a post you will still have all those for your files.

Now, the second bread, those yummy brioche rolls pictured above. Boy, are they good! I made them to use with hamburgers, again I can make them for less than half the price of buying the traditional hamburger buns. They are so good and make great sandwiches and would be terrific for sloppy Joes and even French dip sandwiches. The recipes called for buttermilk but I wanted to make them so they could be made during a crisis time when buttermilk may not be available. I added lemon juice to the milk, waited 15 minutes, and them used it. Yummy rolls were the result. These rolls are soft and wonderful the first day and they dry out the next so they should be placed in a plastic bag as soon as they are cool. 

Tomorrow I try another new recipes. If you have a favorite bread recipe please share. I am excited about saving money but even more excited because I know exactly what is in the bread I serve my family. If you are still on the fence about baking bread please read the ingredients on the bread you normally purchase. I don't want all those additives.

My thoughts and prayers are with those in the gulf states tonight. My hope is that they are well prepared to care for themselves and their families.



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2 Responses to “Baking Bread and Family Coming to Town”

  1. CThomas says:

    For the laundry detergent–does the washing soda and borax store very long in their boxes or do you transfer them to something else?
    Thanks for the good information.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Washing soda and borax will keep forever, it really will. You can keep them in the original boxes as long as they are stored away from an area where they could get wet. Keep them dry and you are good to go.

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