Carmen Lawson Give Away…

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37 Responses to “Carmen Lawson Give Away…”

  1. Kathy says:

    I like the necklace “Butter”. I agree with you on the burp cloths. I just had a baby 2 weeks ago and those heavy duty ones do the job!

  2. jeniw says:

    thank you for sharing the lovely site & for the give aways; what a talented lady ! I love the little birdie pendant in your give away and from the etsy shop love Dulce de Leche. They are all lovely, even the burp cloths & I am way past that stage in my life :)

  3. Bellen says:

    Love the “Butter” necklace – will go with everything. I like a signature pendant to wear for several weeks before changing to another.

  4. denise says:

    I am loving the simplicity of all the necklaces. I especially love Churro and Cheesecake.

  5. Mary Hammond says:

    I love the DULCE DE LECHE piece. I think it is gorgouse!

  6. Kati says:

    The burp cloths are so cute, but the pendants are beautiful. A very talented lady!

  7. KelG says:

    I love the tree one in your post, and Cheesecake and Churro. My fave is probably Cheesecake on her Etsy blog.

    Thanks for sharing yours (and others’!) talents.

  8. Dora says:

    This was not easy. She has great taste! But if I had to just pick one, it would be Honey.

  9. Amanda says:

    Thank you so much for the chance to win. I had a very difficult time choosing a favorite from her site, they are all so cute. I love the 1 am feeding burp cloth and the Dulce de Leche necklace.

  10. Bunny says:

    I love the Churro…it reminds me of the Tree of Life. I’m planning to get the batch of burp cloths from her as we have many mommies-to-be in our ward.

  11. Julie King says:

    I love the Butter necklace. It reminds me of a shirt my grandmother used to wear.

  12. Sue Brownell says:

    They are all really nice. I like Granita the best. I’d give it to one of my daughters if I win it. Or maybe buy it for her. It’s her style. Thanks for the great site, both you and Carmen.

  13. I like Cookie, Gelato and Churro, but since I have to choose one, I will go with Gelato -I like the colors.

  14. Danielle says:

    I love the Dulce de Leche necklace.

  15. Glenda says:

    Visited Carmen’s Site, loved the Granita! Thanks for the opportunity to win this necklace. Enjoy your blog and all the good info!

  16. Michelle says:

    With a new baby in our house, the burp cloths caught my eye immediately. I really liked the sock monkey one.

  17. Mindy says:

    I like the one in your picture with the bird, but I didn’t see it on the site. From her choices, I like the “churro” wooden pendant.

  18. Jennifer says:

    I love the butter necklace. It is great to see things that are so unique and beautiful.

  19. Pete says:

    They are all very nice. The darker wood necklaces with the white figures are particularly beautiful.

  20. Cindy Reed says:

    WOW – she has some great stuff on her site! I had a hard time deciding, but I really like the 3am feeding burp cloth! What a talented gal!

  21. Melonie K. says:

    Love the burp cloths – too bad my babies are well beyond them now. *sniffle*

    I’m really digging Honey, Gelato, and the bird one shown above, on the pendants. Gorgeous works!!!

  22. Jean Hansen RN says:

    Love them all- Honey would be my favorite- we need some bracelets now!

  23. Heidi says:

    I like honey and butter and the ones above and well I really like them all…

  24. Joanne says:

    I liked Dulce De Leche. They are all nice though.

  25. Andrea says:

    They’re all pretty fantastic (and affordable–thinking gifts!) but I really like the butter and the cheesecake ones. Hmmmm…seeing a foodie trend here!


  26. SuperMom says:

    The pendants are all beautiful… but my favourite is Churro.

    Wouldn’t these make wonderful Father’s Day gifts. Rather than a regular chain the pendants could be strung on a key chain.

  27. Sheila Crenshaw says:

    What a wonderful talent. They are all so beautiful (the necklaces). It would be so hard to pick just one above all the rest. Maybe Granita.

  28. Maylin Martinez says:

    Thank you so much for all the incredible information that you add to your blog eachday, thank you for helping people like me to get prepared and thank you for this beautiful necklace that you are giving away. I visited Carmen’s site and I love it. I work with the YW and will be purchasing some to give to my girls.

  29. I Love the Gelato because of the pink color splash! I love bold yet soft statements. However, the others noted by other lookers are as pretty. By the way, Carmen, love your name :D

  30. gina says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm for preparing. It has been a help to me and my family as we slowly but surely make progress. I like Carmen’s Gelato necklace.

  31. Carmen says:

    Thank you for hosting the give away. I especially liked reading all of the comments–they gave me warm fuzzies!

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