Communications After Irene… Nothing Worse Than Feeling Cut Off From the World and Loved Ones

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  • Cell phones are great but they need to be charged in order to work. Do you have a car charger for your phone? Today is the day to get one!
  • Save battery by powering down the brightness of your display
  • Text, don't call, it uses less power to text.
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  • Make a hard copy list of the people whose contact information is in your phone. Don't waste battery power looking up a phone number

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3 Responses to “Communications After Irene… Nothing Worse Than Feeling Cut Off From the World and Loved Ones”

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    winedt ps2pdf options trading We were stuck through Charlie (in Ft. Myers) and did 'without' for so very long. Thankfully communications were only down a day or so, and we did have a fully charged set of cell phones. Pro Binary Signals Service The scary part was the folks who had the electric storm doors – they were literally TRAPPED inside (in 95+heat)! Thank the Lord we had a generator to help them open their homes up! Forex Table Exchange Rates In American Samoa Open Keep up the good work!

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