Financial Reform Bill Passes…One More Reason to be Self Reliant…Save Money Now on Groceries

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This should be easy for those of you who completed the food section of your general store last year. For me it’s become a game. I watch for the little sale tags and then purchase what I need to replace the foods I have used. If there is a special occasion coming up I plan a menu and list all the ingredients I will need for the dips, salads, desserts, I am making. When I shop I can now purchase items on sale and the replacement is already done to keep my store shelves stocked.

Watch for the special at the end of the aisles. This is where items are placed that have the biggest savings. Take advantage of these and stock up. Remember canned and boxed foods last much longer than their pull dates so don’t be afraid to get a few extra when the price is right.

If you are not already checking the mark down racks learn where they are located and visit them each time you shop. There is usually one in the produce section, the bakery and the meat department. Seasonal and close out items are also often found in cart near the front door. If you can’t find the discount rack, ask.

5. Grocery Stores are for Groceries.

That’s right! Nonfood items can usually be found cheaper at the discount pharmacy stores. If those stores happen to be a drive away and all you need is a tube of toothpaste, by all means purchase it. The money you save on gas will more than make up for the difference. If, however you keep a list of non food items as you use them you can save lots of money by purchasing these items at another store.

6. Think: Get in and Get Out Fast.

The longer you are in the store the more you will spend. To assure you make a quick purchase try one of the following. Have you husband or wife wait in the car, now you know you have to hurry. Use a basket instead of a cart. The basket will fill up quickly and become heavy, thus speeding up your visit. Take the kids, enough said.

7. Do it Yourself.

Skip the Deli case, most of the time. I do purchase the cooked whole chickens because they are never more than $.50 more than buying a chicken and baking it myself. I then cut it up and use some for dinner, some for sandwiches and the rest for a casserole. Never, however, purchase sliced ham or roast beef from the deli. Wait until these items go on sale in the meat case. Prepare them, slice them yourself, wrap some for freezing and enjoy the rest right away. Now we even have sliced and grated carrots! Good grief are we really getting that lazy? The other day a one pound bag of baby carrots was the same price as a three pound bag of the bigger carrots we used to peel and slice ourselves. Have you noticed in the bakery department you can now purchase pound cake that is pre-sliced? All of these are costing you money. Don’t fall into the trap.

8. Store Matches.

Many stores will match a competitors sale prices so be aware of the prices at other stores. Ask if your store will match the price. What can it hurt?

9. Keep Your Eyes Opened

Watch when checking out to make sure you get the correct price. Often, especially if you shop the first day of the ad, the sale price has not been entered into the computer. Make it a habit to check your receipt.

I would like to invite any of you who are interested in writing a guest post about how you are saving money or what you are doing to make more money, to contact me ( I think we need to hear from each other. There is strength in numbers.

Take some time and listen to the show with Halli.

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4 Responses to “Financial Reform Bill Passes…One More Reason to be Self Reliant…Save Money Now on Groceries”

  1. Linds says:

    One quick coupon tip- some grocery stores allow e-coupons, which are ones you upload to your store card. Nothing to clip, just upload before going to the store and if you buy that item, it automatically deducts the coupon! See #3:

  2. Good Site here, noticed you were using wordpress right? Is it painless to keep your site organized like you do? Book-marked and will be coming back!

  3. admin says:

    Glad you found us. Spread the word. It’s easy to use word press although there are plenty of features I wish they had. For my purposes it works well.

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