H1N1 Update

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Nothing dramatic has happened today to report but all the reports continue to suggest cases of flu are still growing world wide. We still have time to do some preparing in case there is a dramatic change in the next few days. In my December 12, 2008 post I talked about identifying those who may need your help in the event a quarantine is ordered. This is a good time to consider those people and develop a plan for their care. As a reminder here is a portion of the post:

“Determine who among you is at greatest risk of death during a pandemic. These are the people you may need to emphasize in your preparation, as they may not be able to plan for and care for themselves. According to The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services this would include:

A. The economically disadvantaged (having little or no money to stockpile food and supplies),

B. Those without a social network (many children, the homeless, those geographically separated from family including transient workers and elderly),

C. Dependent individuals needing support for daily activities (physically disabled, developmentally disabled, mental illness, substance abuse or addiction, difficulty seeing or hearing, and other medical conditions),

D. Those with trouble reading, speaking or understanding English.”

If you know people in any of these situations take a critical look at your preparations and determine if you have enough to care for them also.

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3 Responses to “H1N1 Update”

  1. Sondra says:

    I just have to say that maybe people needed a little “panic” to get better prepared. I agree – don’t panic – get prepared should be the message of this threat.

    It must be the message of the day “Don’t panic”.. I keep reading it on blogs and seeing it played out on TV.

    At this point, I don’t think there is much to be scared of – it’s a flu that they’ve been able to treat. That is a comforting thought. It’s what the “wave” will be – is the scary part.

    For me, it’s been really good to analyze where my weak spots in my preparations have been and fix it. I feel better prepared now then I have ever been.

    I’ve been able to teach my children about better hygiene, how to react if one of us (including me ) becomes sick and that there is no reason to fear, because we are prepared. It’s been a teaching and training moment to family and friends.

    So for me… so far… it’s been a good thing to get a little panicked!

  2. It is obvious you put a lot of care into your posts here. Very interesting and useful info – thanks for informing all of us. Nancy

  3. Liz says:

    Panic isn’t an option since panic is really self-centered in nature–I have too many people depending on me to panic! There is simply no time for that kind of paralysis. I feel motivated to action, but not panic-stricken, but perhaps that’s because I’ve been preparing for the last eight months for this.

    Has anyone mentioned adding lotion to your stockpile? Perhaps you have, Carolyn. Now that we have the cleanest hands in our township we also have the dryest hands.

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