Homesteading in the Suburbs

Today I’d like to introduce you to one of our readers, Kristen Dreyer.

Kristen is full-time homeschooling mom with two boys ages 7 and 4. Her parents moved into the backyard in Sept. ’08 with their 26′ trailer because her dad could not find work.  They are living on social security with no savings or health care. Her husband commutes 60 miles to work one-way. When the gas prices went up this summer and the housing market crashed they knew were in trouble. They were also in the same position as many and found they owed more on their home than it is worth. So, they got busy and went to work.

The dream to live in suburbia for a few years while we shopped for a dream home in the country. With that in mind they sought inspiration to make their home into a homestead on their 1/4 acre suburban lot! Kristen read books on gardening, farming, and permaculture and subscribed to magazines to learn more about alternative energy and hobby farming.

For 2 years now, Kristen has been working hard to apply what she learned to make a self sustaining homestead for her family. 

Kristen says: “A lot of the local home school families and my neighbors found out about what I was doing and started asking me for tours of my yard and asked me for advice. They were fearful of the future and knew they wanted to do what I had done but had no idea where to start. That is why I wrote my ebook. I now have a list of 934 links to informative websites and blogs and I chat with people online from all over the country who are homesteading. I wanted to give those suburban families just starting to learn about homesteading, food storage and survival skills a basic plan of action. Many people who have bought and read the book thanked me for giving them direction and purpose. In addition to my “Survival in Suburbia” ebook I have added several other ebooks as bonuses and I have a blog that I continually update with more information and links as I come across them. I am also available by email for personal consultation. I am happy to help anyone who needs it because it is my passion to see everyone live a more self-sufficient life.”

I have reviewed Kristen’s ebooks and although I would not recommend everything she does, and I would do some things differently, I think she has compiled a great list of resources for any of us. Like anything else we all must pick and choose from the advice we receive, that which most compliments our lifestyle and our personal philosophies. This is a woman who saw a problem for her famiy and actually worked hard to solve the problem. I really admire that and hope you will visit Kristen’s site and take inspiration from her. I have no real knowledge of home schooling so if you are a home schooler, or thinking about it, take a look at what she has to say about that. I will be asking Kristen to help us by contributing guests post so after looking at the information on her site please let me know what you questions are and we will learn together.

Check her out at:

Also, I have not forgotten my promise to answer questions but my canning took longer than I thought yesterday. I will do it!

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