It’s a Blustery Day..Get Your Home Ready for Wind and Power Outages

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Trim any tree limbs that are broken or weak and any that may hit a window when whipped by the wind.

Look at everything in your yard as a possible flying object and remove what you can, and do your best to secure the rest.

Move lawn furniture to either an enclosed patio or into the garage.

Move all the plants on plant stands to the ground and store the stands.

Inside, build a fire in the fireplace to get some hot coals built up just in case you lose power and need the heat. Stack some wood next to the fireplace or on a covered patio.

Raid the glow sticks. Attached a few to cords and hang them on the door knobs in every room in the house, so no matter where you might be when the lights go out you can find them quickly and avoid hurting yourself in the dark.

Close the doors to all the rooms in the house. This will help keep all the warmth you create with a fire from being “wasted” on rooms that are not being used.If you don’t have a fireplace crank up a portable heated and keep at least one room well heated.

Close all window covering to help keep the heat in.

We have a well to supply our house with water, and when the power goes out we lose our water too. Fill your picnic coolers and pitchers with water.

Designate a bathroom as the one to use if the power fails. Stock with extra toilet paper, hand soap, and water for flushing and washing hands. Bring in some of those bottles of water in your water storage to use for this purpose and save the fresh water for drinking and food prep.

What do you do to prepare for winter storms?

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