Money Saving Wednesday…Freezer Meals

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Putting together freezer meals is also a great project for a group of friends. Everyone brings all the ingredients for the meals they choose to make. They bring enough ingredients to make the recipe for all the others who are working with you. If you have three friends and everyone brings ingredients for three meals you end up with nine meals. The other big advantage to this method is that you get to try new recipes and you have a greater variety.

One important tip, never place aluminum foil directly on your food. The foil can leech into the food. Always use plastic wrap first and then top with foil.

Let me share just one idea and then I want recipes from you.

Forex Of The Program Of A Prediction Quiche

1 ½ C flour

½ tsp. salt

1 stick butter

4 T ice water

Combine flour, salt and butter until crumbly. Add ice water 1 T at a time Tutorial On Binary Options

roll out and place in pie plate or quiche dish.


3 oz. swiss cheese grated

3 oz. jack or mozzarella cheese grated

4 large eggs

1 C milk

1/8 tsp. dry mustard

1 C diced ham, bacon, asparagus or other meat or vegetable. (optional)

Place pie crust in quiche pan or pie pan. Combine eggs, milk, and mustard and mix well. Place cheese in pie crust. Add other ingredients. Pour egg mixture over all. Gently press meat and vegetables so they are covered by the egg mixture. Place plastic wrap over quiche. Add aluminum foil over the plastic wrap and secure.

Quiche is a great freezer meal. You can use any vegetables you have on hand, although zucchini does not work well. It has too much water in it. You can also add any leftover meats, like Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas ham. Never use raw meat in a quiche. You can also replace the cheeses with any cheese you like as long as it will melt well.

U S Binary Options Strategies Brokers Remember our current give away? We have lots of great prizes and each recipe you post here will give you one more chance to win…get out the recipe book and add your favorite freezer meal today!

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One Response to “Money Saving Wednesday…Freezer Meals”

  1. debbie Kirk says:

    There a a few sites on the net devoted to OMC (once a month cooking) with some great recipes, the even tell you how much to buy and give you a work plan. You can do a little for just a few meals or for a whole month. Just google OMC. Have fun.

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