Money Saving Wednesday…This and That

biggest stock market gains today online investing without a broker Did you know that the average American now works until August 12th just to pay their share of the tax burden? Is it any wonder that people are rebelling against government stimulus payments to purchase buses which create no new jobs? Is it any wonder that we are rebelling against a health care program that no one seems to have read? More and more people are becoming interested in a self reliant life style. Those of us who have been encouraging self reliance are becoming mainstream!

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Livestock Market News Wv Usda free manual trade work Self reliance is not free. You may need to purchase food and other supplies…for your General Store. You may need to put aside funds for a rainy day, an important part of being Totally Ready for an emergency. You may know you will need a new car in the near future. You may want to purchase a home. Bottom line…we all have a need to make our money go as far as possible so we are all looking for ways to pinch our pennies. Have you thought of these?

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Relationship Between Futures And Stock Prices Presentation Risk Management Of Forex Trading 1. Examine your bank accounts. With the mess in the banking industry you should not be spending money on bank fees. If your bank does not have free checking accounts change banks or ask for an account that is free. Your savings accounts should be earning interest and be fee free. If this is not the case change banks. You can get on line and compare account offerings or call the bank and ask for details of their plans. Shop from home.

Online Stock Trading Montenegro how to get a car trading licence 2. Sign up for every customer rewards programs. These should be free or they should be avoided. Even if you are only shopping at a store occasionally your circumstances may change and you may find yourself frequenting that store more often. They will eventually add up and pay off. If you are doing this on line create a separate account for emails so your in box won’t become clogged with junk mail.

Forex Trading In Liechtenstein Earn Money Binary Options Metatrader On Forex 3. Learn to walk away and think it through. Whenever you are considering making a purchase, wait a few days and then ask yourself if you still want that item. You will often discover you no longer consider it a priority.

4. We have all been told many times to make a list when going to the grocery store. Make a list before you go to any store, and stick to it. This list should include items you need to purchase today but it may also include items you are looking for to give as Christmas or birthday gifts. When you find those on sale you can purchase them and feel good that you waited until you got the best deal. Planning ahead for special occasions can save lots of money!

5. If it has been a while since you signed up for cable or satellite service watch for ads from the competition or for deals from your own company for new subscribers. Call your company and ask for the same deal. If they won’t change your rate to the better ones change providers or cancel the account in your name and sign up in your husband’s name as a new subscriber. It is sad that we have to stoop to those tricks but in today’s economy we are all struggling to save money and balance our budgets.

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2 Responses to “Money Saving Wednesday…This and That”

  1. Jeanette W says:

    Then there is the age-old standard practice of making sure you have enough in your account before writing a check or using your debit card so that you don’t run up a fee that has to be paid. Not everyone has such an account anymore, but for those who do, it is best to be sure you are not overdrawing. Checks can be put through the system so quickly anymore that it is a good practice to keep a running tally on your own instead of relying totally on the online tally.

  2. Gen Rogers says:

    Yes, I think it’s funny that self-reliance and going green are finally mainstream! (I was green before there was a word for it except taking care of the world God gave us.) I hope that if/when the economy picks up (I don’t think it will be anytime soon), people don’t drop self-reliance and go back to total consumerism. Self-reliant living is so much more satisfying!

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