Money Saving Wednesday…Vinegar

Monday one of our Seven Steps was to purchase a gallon of white distilled vinegar. This is why. Vinegar is one of those miracle liquids. It has literally hundreds of uses as a cleaner, health and beauty aid and more. As we go through our year of food storage beginning January 26th we will talk more about the uses for vinegar around the home. It is much, much, less expensive to purchase than the items we will use it to replace and it stores forever. For today here are a few uses to help extend the life of our clothing, in itself a money saver.

1. Place 1/2 C white distilled vinegar in the rinse cycle of your wash to prevent lint from sticking to your clothes, and make blacks blacker, whites whiter and brights brighter by removing to soap residue.

2. Add one cup white distilled vinegar to the shortest wash cycle, nothing else, just water and vinegar. Run the washer through the wash cycle to clean soap residue from hoses.

3. Add one cup white distilled vinegar to a large pot with 1/2 gallon of water. Bring to a boil and place any dingy dish towels, socks or t shirts in the mixture and let sit overnight. Wash in the morning as usual and much of the ding will be gone without damage to the fabric that can occur when using bleach.

4. During the winter snows salts on the sidewalk can stain shoes. Wipe them down with white distilled vinegar to remove the stains.

5. Reduce or eliminate stains on clothing by dabbing the stain with white distilled vinegar before washing. Place the garment on a clean towel, dab with vinegar and let sit a few minutes. If stain has not disappeared move the towel to a clean spot, dab again, turn garment inside out and apply more vinegar. White distilled vinegar works especially well on ketchup and mustard stains.

I have had so many questions about recipes, N95 masks, pandemic prep, gardening, the Seven Steps…that I will be posting twice today or tomorrow. I am running to do some canning now so I hope to get to it today but it may be first thing tomorrow. Please check back so you don’t miss the answers.


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