October Newsletter…Buying Power Reduced in 2009 Worse Prospects for 2010, Store food

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Tip # 30 Store food now. If you have no extra cash then eat breakfast for dinner this week, and use the money you save by not purchasing meat and other dinner ingredients, to purchase some food storage. Ask for food storage as gifts. No matter how little store food this week.

The October edition of the Totally Ready Newsletter will be hitting emails later today.

In This Issue:

Year to date inventory of Our General Store

Survival Skills: Seizures

Gathering Important Documents

Safely Storing Important Documents

Inventory Your Home

Upcoming on free trade and protectionism Ready or Not Shows

Emergency Contact Forms to Complete and Store

Fall Recipes to Rotate Food Storage

Review Tips…For more specifics about each tip please visit the former posts.

#1:  Find an out of area contact.

#2: Gather maps.  Get several different colors of highlighters and mark at least three different routes out of the city and  ending at the home of your out of area contact.

#3: Collect all your flashlights. Check  to make sure they are all working properly. Make note of any batteries you need to purchase.

#4  Post important phone numbers and your own address by each phone.

#5  Place a pair of good shoes under each bed where they can be reached in the middle of the night.

#6  Place a glow stick next to each bed.

# 7:  Listen to READY OR NOT. If you can’t listen tonight the show will be available for download at the same link as the live show. Hope to hear from you tonight!

# 8: Stash some cash, about $100.00, for each adult kit.

# 9 Inventory your kitchen, everything.

#10 Inventory your Family room/living room.

#11 Inventory your bedrooms.

#12 Inventory Office and formal dining room.

# 13 Inventory and update 72 hour kits. If you are just beginning collect back packs for every family member.

#14 Sort through medicine cabinet. Replace expired medications.

# 15  Copy your driver’s license, auto insurance policy and birth certificates for your important documents file. We had a great show Tuesday night with tips and info about collecting important documents and just why it is so vital. If you missed the show download it and listen today.

#16 Inventory bathrooms and hall closets

#17 Inventory garage

#18 Make copies of your home owners or renters insurance.

#19 Make copies of the front and back of all credit cards and record the contact phone numbers for all cards on these copies.

#20  Place a flashlight and whistle next to or slightly under each bed in the house.

#21 Teach all family members to text.

#22 Make copies of your home owners insurance and medical insurance papers

# 23- Create a list of 10 meals your family loves. List all the ingredients in those recipes

#24 Create a list of items you would like to add to your preparedness inventory and give this list to everyone who gives you birthday or holiday gifts.

# 25  Add water to your water storage.  For more help with water storage check out  your copy of binary options scams forums minecraft Mother Hubbard: What She’s Doing Now.

#26 Teach each family member how and where to turn off the gas, electricity and water into your home.

# 27 Do a little research and find out which TV and radio stations will broadcast emergency information in your area during a disaster

# 28 Inventory laundry room

#29 Inventory basement and/ or attic. If you don’t have either but have a shed be sure to inventory the shed.

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2 Responses to “October Newsletter…Buying Power Reduced in 2009 Worse Prospects for 2010, Store food”

  1. Carol Ann Shepherd says:

    The case-lot sales in SLC, UT, are incredible buys right now. Also, wheat prices are down from six months ago. Since I grind and make whole wheat bread, I’m stocking up on everything I can!

    Every six months–April & October–I go thru’ all my 72 hr. kits and upgrade and add new things. I worked on that all day today. It helps give me peace of mind, however, I hope I never have to use these kits!

  2. Sale says:

    Just found your site on google and I think it is a shame that you are not ranked higher since this is a terrific post. To change this I decided to save your site to my RSS reader and I will try to mention you in one of my posts because you truly deserv more readers when publishing content of this quality.

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