One Million Infected With H1N1 in the USA

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The U.S. government took the unusual step of purchasing all of the swine flu vaccine, and the shots will probably be administered through vaccine clinics set up by state health organizations, the CDC said. The agency estimates that at least 50 million vaccine doses will be available in the U.S. by October 15, and enough vaccine to immunize everyone in the country will be available later in the season.

As drug makers continue to work on developing a viable H1N1 vaccine, the WHO has held off on “whether people should get vaccinated against H1N1, which has spread to all regions of the world,” Reuters writes. “WHO has estimated vaccine makers could produce up to 4.9 billion pandemic flu shots a year in a best-case scenario, leaving some of the world’s 6.5 billion population unprotected, particularly if more than one dose was needed” (Reuters, 6/17).

Protein Sciences Corp. said it’s able to produce 100,000 doses of the vaccine each week.

Vaccine maker Sanofi-Aventis announced Thursday it has started “large-scale production” of an H1N1 vaccine at its facilities located in the U.S. and France, Reuters reports.  “Sanofi said dosage requirements for the vaccine will be based on clinical trials expected to take place during the summer in the northern hemisphere,” the news agency writes (Steenhuysen, Reuters, 6/25). “The company has the capacity to make 270 million doses of vaccine per year at its three plants,” (Maugh, Los Angeles Times, 6/25).

There was a comments section after one of the article above the those commenting said this was all a bunch of scare tactics. Why are so many of us so willing to stick our heads in the sand and do nothing? This may all turn out to be nothing, or it may still mutate and become more deadly, or it may not mutate but for those who have the seasonal flu and also contract the H1N1 it may be deadly. We just don’t know so why take the chance when unlike for grandparents of 1918 we have a warning of what may come our way.

Prep Not Panic…that’s our motto!

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4 Responses to “One Million Infected With H1N1 in the USA”

  1. jeniw says:

    Here in Australia we are now being told to just stay home if we think we have H1N1 & only seek medical help if in a high risk category or with symptoms needing medical attention. So there is no way of knowing numbers affected here. There have been 4 deaths here, all have had other health issues. Thank you for your ongoing information.

  2. A friend told me about your blog- pretty good, keep up the good work!

  3. So glad I found your site. Good info here.

  4. Judie Balzer says:

    This is really interesting to learn and be prepared. I watched a special on Discovery Health channel about how H1N1 is not an intestinal flu but it ends up in the lungs before our bodies are able to completely get rid of it. And when our bodies do kill off the flu cells it will leave “holes” in our lungs and then we die because of the “holes”. Do you have tips for what to do with the respiratory affects of this flu?

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