Our General Store…Desserts and Anti Fungal Cream…Last Week of Our Big Give Away!

long term stock option Now is the time to get busy and spread the word! Get in those entries for our Give Away or you can't win!

Tomorrow night join me to have your questions answered about tornadoes and flooding. Now is the time to prepare. This spring has started off to be record breaking and it looks as though these awful weather patterns will continue to cause havoc through the spring. Now is the time to "understand more that you can fear less"


If you do a search on the internet today for flooding you will discover dozens of articles about floods the past three weeks. The really unusual part of all of this is that they are all over the country. There are flooding articles from North Dakota, Missouri, Kansas, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, California and Pennsylvania. These are not just about rivers cresting but rather about massive damage and this list is just a partial record of what is happening.

April 2011 has been the most deadly for April tornadoes, in history. Tornado watches and warnings are expected to continue all week. While experts say these disasters are not increasing in numbers that seems more and more difficult to believe. What 2010, and now 2011, seem to be telling us is that disasters can occur everywhere. If you take time to look at history you will see that none of this is really new. There have always been tornadoes in Maryland and North Carolina in the past, they just happen less often there. This should be teaching you that you really do need to be aware of the disasters which are possible in your area, those that have happened in the past, even the far distant past.

To help prepare for flooding our May Totally Ready Newsletter will be devoted completely to Flood issues. This is the week to begin or to increase your effort at compile a Preparedness Binder. Purchase a 4 inch binder and divider pages this week. Next week we will begin adding to the binder. You can get a head start by copying all past issues of the Totally Ready Newsletters.

Add desserts to your General Store this week. Easter candies are on sale now! Run and pick up a few bags of M&Ms or other chocolates that you can store in your freezer. They will be welcome treats when you are caught without funds or during a disaster. Chocolate stores well in the freezer when it is tightly wrapped and placed inside a zip type freezer bag. 

After a flood or tornado there are hours and days of clean up ahead. This week add anti fungal cream to your General Store so you will be prepared to treat those cuts which inevitably come.

Now it's time to enter our Give Away!



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