Our General Store…Food Prices Are Going Up World Wide

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This week add 5 pounds/ person of powdered milk to your food storage. Again, remember, if you can't afford to do it all, do some. If you are stocking your non food shelves add rope and clothes pins. I know I mentioned this when we were talking about living off the grid but I mention it again as part of the list so you and I can check it off as being done!

The following is an article to further help you understand the food crisis:

The world's biggest economies are working to find ways to bring down soaring food prices, a G20 official said on Friday, as top exporter Thailand vowed to keep rice supply steady and avert a repeat of the 2008 food crisis.

Global food prices hit a record high last month, outstripping the levels that sparked riots in several countries in 2008, and key grains could rise further, the United Nations' food agency said this week.

Policymakers are concerned that, if unchecked, rising food prices could stoke inflation, protectionism and unrest.

High food prices and unemployment were blamed for a second day of rioting in Algeria Friday with police deployed around mosques and authorities suspending football matches.

Rhee Chang-yong, who represents South Korea at the G20, said working-group talks were under way aimed at improving global cooperation to resolve food security problems.

"France is emphasizing food security. As a former host country of G20, we would like to deal with the price volatility problem thoroughly," Rhee said.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has asked the World Bank to conduct urgent research on the impact of food prices, a source familiar with the matter said.

French Prime Minister Francois Fillon said this week that one of France's priorities at the G20, where it holds the rotating presidency, was to find a collective response to "excessive volatility" in prices of food and energy.

I have been doing lots and lots of research on food prices. As I look at the reports from the USDA and other government sources they claim food prices have risen bu only 1.9% during 2010. This just did not make sense to me as I shopped and watched prices increase, it seemed weekly. So…I did more digging. It is true that food prices have increased very little if you look at the amount paid to farmers for crops. It is not true that food prices in the store have gone up 1.9%. There are two major reasons that increases have not been recognized as such.

One concern is that high food prices could hit consumer spending in fast-growing emerging countries that are leading the revival of the global economy.

Home Parties Business Physic CEREAL PRICES UP IN 2010

Last year, wheat futures prices rose 47%, buoyed by bad weather including drought in Russia and its Black Sea neighbors. U.S. corn rose more than 50 percent and U.S. soybeans jumped 34%.

The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization said in a report Wednesday that sugar and meat prices were at their highest since its records began in 1990. For wheat, rice, corn and other cereals, prices were at their highest since the 2008 crisis.

During that crisis, riots broke out in countries from Egypt to Haiti. Import prices jumped, forcing many countries' trade balances into a deep and costly deficit, and several governments in Asia imposed export restrictions on rice.

The U.N.'s World Food Program which was feeding some 100 million people last year, noted that cereals including rice had not hit 2008 price peaks, but that sugar and cooking oil were pushing up the food index.

Read more: http://www.foxbusiness.com/personal-finance/2011/01/10/g-tackle-food-prices-countries-reassure/#ixzz1Af2u2U
Tomorrow night on READY OR NOT more food storage talk. Please call in or email me your questions!



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One Response to “Our General Store…Food Prices Are Going Up World Wide”

  1. Jacqueline says:

    Yesterday the local news, here in Puerto Rico, announced that fresh milk will cost $6.00 PER GALLON starting on Jan. 20. This meanseverything made out of milk will cost even more… the local dairy industry has been suffering with the increased price of feed, etc…so…charge the consumers!!!!
    As always, take care.

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