Our General Store…Freezing Winter Weather

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I have decided it is time to help with larger priced items in your General Store so I will be adding a larger priced item each month. You can purchase these if you have the money, send a request to family members asking for donations to a fund to purchase for a birthday or next month, Valentines Day, place them on lay away, or make a list to refer to when the tax return, bonus or other unexpected money comes your way. This month since it is the last week of the month I am adding an inexpensive, but vital item, a battery operated clock. This can be a simple, inexpensive one or a great mantle clock, you choose. These are absolutely invaluable during a power outage!

Now a word about cold weather. Did you know frostbite can occur on uncovered skin in FIVE minutes when the weather or wind chill is zero degrees or below? Did you know it only takes 30 minutes for frostbite to happen when it is 10 degrees? You can easily spend thirty minutes at a bus stop, shoveling snow or walking from the bus to the office while waiting for traffic lights and stopping for a hot cocoa. So stay covered and stay warm. 

Stay safe by:

Staying home if at all possible. By all means do not bring a baby or toddler into the cold if at all avoidable. Be sure Mali Stock Exchange Login all their skin is covered before taking them out even for a short walk to the car.

Stay dry. Snow, rain, sleet, hail and sweat are all your enemy in the cold. Stay dry! Wet clothing, hair, and feet can reduce the time it takes for frostbite or hypothermia to take hold.

Dress warm and protect your core temperature. In other words, keep your chest warm. Frostbite often happens when the core become cold and the body diverts blood from your extremities, hands and feet, to protect your vital organs. Wear long underwear if you will be out for any length of time. Polypropylene and wool are the best as they will wick the sweat away from your skin. Cotton clothing allows sweat to remain next to the skin and will cause the body temperature to fall. Dress in loose fitting layers. The air between the layers will act as an insulator.

Protect your feet. Boots should be big enough to allow you to wear two pairs of socks and still have wiggle room for your toes. Boots should be lined with felt, sheep skin or thinsulate.

Protect your hands. Mittens are your best option as they allow the warmth of each finger to warm the others. The more surface areas there are to cool down, as with gloves, the more heat escapes and the faster frostbite can set in, even with gloves on. If you are driving wear gloves and slip mittens over them when you exit the car. Two pair, as with socks, are always better than one.

Protect your ears and nose. If your ears or nose are cold the rest of your body will soon be also. Wear a hat that covers your ears and always take along a scarf that is long enough to wrap around your face as well as your neck.

Tune in tomorrow night, 6:00pm Pacific, 9:00pm Eastern for READY OR NOT when I discuss planning now for a garden, even in the city, with my guest, Marjory Wildcraft. Marjory sees the economic dominoes continuing to fall and basic staples of food becoming a bigger priority for the average American.   Marjory is on a mission to live sustainably, and the biggest key to a sustainable lifestyle is growing your own food. She is an expert in backyard food production.

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One Response to “Our General Store…Freezing Winter Weather”

  1. Heidi says:

    We LOVE your blog!  You are 'right on' with all that you are saying!  It's amazing to know that some people still aren't seeing the signs.  So, thank you for the work that you do in helping others' to prepare!
    We've got you as one of our 'preparedness bloggers' that we follow and hope that you'll take a look at our new site.  If there is any way that you'd link back to us too — we'd really appreciate it!
    We're trying to share some of the prophetic statements on food storage and preparedness.  Hopefully it'll help as many people as possible!!!
    Thanks again for all you are doing!!!

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