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So much to talk about today so I will do some of it on the facebook page. As I write the DOW is down 218 points! Yikes. I cause seems to be a report that our government financial situation is much worse than we have been told. Our debt is so high that investors are afraid we will have to print more money to cover our debts thus making the dollar even weaker and our roll in the world economy weaker. A  very bad thing. Of the 500 top stocks 483 are down today. This is really not good. 

Wicked weather is everywhere. It has become common to hear the phrase, the worst in decades or of Biblical proportion, when listing to weather reports. You know I have been warning about flooding this spring and that has begun. I have also warned about solar flares and possible damage to the power grid and to communication systems because of that.  Solar activity is beginning to get very unusual if not down right strange. 

Last week on Ready Or Not I mentioned the real cost of increased fuel prices. The average person will spend $18.00 per year more for every one cent increase in gas prices. Gas prices are up 97 cents over last year which means for those who are average drivers, those with short or no commuting,  you will be paying $1746.00 more this year for gas. If you have two cars in the family that means $3492.00!! There goes the summer vacation!

If you missed the post hedge fund equity and option trader 11 thing to Purchase and you are just beginning to understand how important your General Store may be in the next few months, please begin there and then continue to add to your store each week. Our goal with our General Store is to have a three month supply of the foods we eat on hand at all times. This enables us to wait for sales to replace food and as food shortages happen because of low supplies or disasters we will be able to feed our family.

For those who have been building since January this is the week to add fruit and heavy duty plastic bags. Add 5 cans of fruit per family member to your store shelves. Again remember variety is a key to keeping your family happy and having the ingredients you want on hand. Also add a large box of heavy duty lawn bags. These will be important for use to live a port-a-potty, cleaning up after a disaster and to store trash which can't be burned when trash pick up is disrupted. These bags have so many uses and keeping a good stock on hand is wise.





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