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Yes, this has been a very deadly weekend. There are 90 confirmed deaths in Joplin, Missouri alone today, and still many more are missing. It's not over, more storms are on their way  this week and hurricane season is just beginning.  Have I mentioned lately that earthquakes are overdue all over the western United States? I asked this question on our facebook page this morning and  would love for you to go there and answer it. With all that is happening are your friends still calling you crazy for prepping?  

I know many are convinced this only happens to other people. I will bet that most of those who have been flooded out and who have had homes blown away thought the same thing. This creare trading system con visual trader online demat and trading account can happen to you. Disasters  can happen to you when you are at home or while you are away on vacation. A few years ago we had friends who headed to Mexico for a romantic honeymoon. It was far from that. They spent a day at the airport trying to get out before a hurricane struck, but they had waited too long.  They were finally forced back to their hotel to ride it out and spent several more days at the  airport trying to get home. After all,  this was their honeymoon and it couldn't happen to them! We had other friends who were in Thailand and were caught there after an earthquake for more than a week, stuck in a hotel room with people they did not know and a baby. Neither thought it could happen to them and neither had taken time to think through what they would do during a disaster to protect themselves. 

So it can't happen to you? IN the month of April there were tornadoes which destroyed homes and property in CA, OR, NV, TX, AL, LA, MS, OK, KS, MO, IA, MN, MI, MD, AR, IL, OH, TN, GA, SC, NC, WV, VA, PA, NY,and  FL. Hmmm…not you? Drought is affecting food supplies in TX, FL, WY, AZ, CO, NM, OK , KS, LA, AL, AR, GA, SC, NC, VA, and MD. Do you eat? If yes, it is happening to you! Have you ever vacationed in earthquake areas that are overdue for a big one, CA, UT, WA, or AK?  You better not go there or it could happen to you. How foolish to believe that you will be spared. 

So, we keep working away, one small step at a time. this week we are adding five pounds of protein per family member. We just added nut butter as a protein source so this should be different than that. If you can find a great deal on beef I would encourage that purchase as beef prices are rising and with the drought in Texas there is no end in sight. Last week I found a great deal on chuck roast. I prepared three roasts in the crock pot ready for fajitas. We had a great meal and I canned the remaining meat for use when I am just too tired to cook or too lazy, or to use during a time of crisis. 

Again this week we are adding to our cash and putting aside the money you would have spent on non food items to be used toward the purchase of canning supplies. Be generous and add at least $15.00 much more if you can. There is one more week in the month and by the end of April you should have purchased something to be used to preserve food. Again my favorites:

Pressure canner

Home canning kit

Water bath canner

Canning discovery kit A great gift for a beginner.

Victorio Strainer and Sauce Maker My absolute favorite item in my canning supplies! Accessories kit You will be son happy you added this!

Steam Juicer Never waste anything! Juice it and use the juice for drinking or making jelly and syrups.

Steam Canner some people prefer the water bath some the steam bath. I have both. If using a steam canner be sure to add five minutes to all processing times.

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