Prep Not Panic: Keys to Surviving the Next Pandemic

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outlier day trading Prep Not Panic: Keys to Surviving t mechanics of a stock trade he Next Pandemic is finally finished and ready for release. I have researched extensively over the past two years to bring you the information you will need to navigate your family through the next pandemic. When I began we were preparing for the Bird Flu. It has killed hundreds to date and is very deadly with a 40% to 80% mortality rate. that threat has yet to reach pandemic levels, but it may in the future. As usual, nature has the upper hand and it was a swine flu that took the world by surprise this past spring, becoming the first pandemic in over 40 years. We know of two individuals who have now tested positive for a mutated form of the H1N1 flu. It is not going  away and will return this fall in even greater numbers than we are currently experiencing. Whether or not it mutates and becomes more deadly is yet to be seen.

does best buy trade in wii Prep Not Panic: Keys to Surviving the Next Pandemic is not a long, wordy expose about pandemics. It is an easy to read and understand study of what a pandemic is, how it acts, what we have learned from past pandemics and what we can do now to protect our family from the next. If not the H1N1 this year maybe it will be the H5N1 (bird flu) next year which will kill millions.

If you or your loved ones are not sure where to start or what is really needed to prepare purchase online fake stock market game Prep Not Panic: Keys to Surviving the Next Pandemic today. As I research more and have new information to share I will email you additional chapters to add to your books at no additional cost. Purchase several copies today to share with those you love.

To purchase your ebook today:

Table of Contents and a brief definition of each chapter:

Introduction…a brief overview and review of just why this is an important book for your family to own and follow.

History of Pandemics…exactly what has happened during past pandemics and the recently H1N1 outbreak and what can we learn from them

What is a Pandemic? …explanation of exactly how a pandemic is different from other flu illness and why we should take the threat seriously.

Prepare Today…what you can do today to protect your family and prepare for their care.

Face Masks 101…just what is an N95 mask and why they are important.

Quarantine…what is a quarantine and how you can implement one in your home to keep your family safe.

Catholes: Proper Disposal of Human Waste…yes, infrastructure may be disrupted and we may need to care for all out own needs, including human waste.

Frequently Asked Questions

Included are charts which should be completed now for future use. Also included are information sheets to copy and place in medicine cabinets or in kitchen cupboards for quick reference should a self quarantine become necessary:

Helpful Websites and Phone Numbers

What to Expect …as the illness progresses

Creating a Master Mix…a formula for making favorite foods into master mixes for quick meals and treats that any family member can make, just in case the adults become ill.

Rehydration Solutions

Medications to Relieve Symptoms

Weekly Schedule…create a schedule to help maintain order during a quarantine

Stay In Touch…Important contact information to collect now

Family Medical History…an absolute must to complete now, before it is needed.

Pandemic Patient Record…vital information to record each day, for each patient, to determine the severity of their illness.

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