Prepare Your Home and Protect Your Family from Home Invaders

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If you missed my radio show this week please take time this weekend to listen. It is so important that you really understand the risk from someone who has lived it.

To begin your education you need to know the difference between the terms used to describe a theft in your home.

Burglary: theft when no one is home.

Robbery: theft when someone is home.

Home Invasion: theft planned to include someone being home.

This is not just my perception. Here is the evidence.

In New York:

“The 100th Precinct in Rockaway, Queens has seen a 37 percent increase

in crime

In the 34th in Washington Heights it’s up 24 percent

In the 77th in Crown Heights it’s up 21 percent.

In the 113th in St. Albans, Queens it has spiked 17 percent

In the 76th in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn it’s up 11 percent”

In Denver: “The statistics cover crimes from January through the end of August and show a citywide rise in crimes against persons of 4.3 percent compared to the same period in 2010.

Lt. Murray said there is no simple answer. Instead he said there are a variety of factors like a struggling economy. He said the police department looks at other issues like recreation center hours being cut back, grant money slashed and a police department with fewer resources to address crime.”

Las Vegas: “Police say the one crime they are seeing an increase in is burglary.

"Those home burglaries are dangerous because many of them occur during the day and it doesn't matter what time they do occur, what matters is, suspects will go to the door and knock. If nobody answers, they'll kick the door in," Bedwell said.

Police believe the spike in burglaries is directly related to the economy and unemployment. Police say people who need money look for crimes of opportunity. Police say the best way to avoid becoming a victim is to be cautious.

"Continue to be vigilant in your neighborhood. Also, look out for stolen property, if someone offers you something really cheap, it's probably been taken from somebody else's house," Bedwell said.”

From Virginia: “According to police, the victim says he was sleeping when someone kicked open his locked bedroom door in the 9700 block of Aspen Place about midnight Wednesday. He says he confronted the intruders and got punched in the back of the head. The suspects then ran off with the victim’s wallet and cash. Police say the wallet was later found, but it’s unclear how the suspects got into the home.

The suspects are described as a black man and woman.”

In Wisconsin: “Waukesha County Sheriff's Department deputies plan to step up patrols in Sussex, Lisbon and Merton after two home invasions in a Sussex subdivision near the village’s border with the Town of Lisbon.

County law enforcement authorities are urging Lake Country residents to lock their homes' doors at night or when the house is not occupied. They are also encouraging residents to make sure their vehicles are locked and any valuables in the vehicles are hidden from sight.

In addition to routine county patrols, the Sheriff’s Department has police-service contracts that provide additional patrols in each of the three communities.”

Nashville: “The bad economy has spurned a dramatic increase in burglaries and home invasions across the country. In April, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation released crime statistics for 2010, which showed that Nashville saw a 21% increase in burglaries in 2010. As other agencies begin to release similar reports, the results are clear. Many of the nations cities saw burglaries increase in 2010 after falling for a number years and homeowners are growing concerned.”

Ohio: “By a number of accounts, burglaries and break-ins in the area are on the rise.

The troubling trend caught the attention of the Painesville Police Department, which recently issued a call through the telephone emergency notification system to 10,480 phones in the city.

"We have noticed an increase in burglaries of residential homes when no one is home," Sgt. Toby Burgett said. "We did a Reverse 911 to notify people of the issue and of precautions they can take."

To illustrate the trend, Burgett said Painesville saw the number of burglaries jump from seven in August to 28 in September. Other departments have seen similar trends.”

Even in the UK and Wales:There has been a 14% rise in domestic burglaries and a 6% rise in violent crime in the past year.”

I could go on but you get the idea. There are a few things to point out. Notice police are advising everyone to lock their doors even when they are home. Also, did you notice that one account referred to a man and a woman. Be aware of women who do not belong in your neighborhood or who come to your door. Be aware.

This weekend do something to make your home a safer place. Here are a few suggestions. I will continue to post more things you can do all next week and for as long as it take to get us all Totally Ready.

expired call options tax treatment Create a plan. Teach your children what to do and where to go if they hear someone or if they suspect someone is in your home. Practice the plan. Plans are worth nothing if they are not practiced. Teach your children to arm and/or use your alarm in case of an invasion. Practice always locking doors and windows even when home.

florida sms stock market *Purchase timers. Place timers in several locations in your home and do it now. Have them turn on lights as well as a radio or TV. Purchase timers that can be set to go on and off more than once during a 24-hour period.

For example, set some to turn on at dusk and off when people normally go to bed. Set another to go on at 9pm and off at 10pm and then come on at 6:05am. Set a radio in the same room to come on at 9pm go off at 10pm and come back on at 6am. Have another light go on at 6:30 somewhere else in your home giving the illusion that someone has gotten up and is moving around the house. Finally if you have a second floor make sure to have a light up there also. Now leave them alone. If you go out and get home after dark there will be lights on to welcome you and anyone watching your home will never really be sure if you are home or not, because the pattern appears a bit random, and continues everyday.

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