Radio Show Tonight!…Be There 6:00pm Pacific Time

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The call-in number to listen by phone or ask your questions on the air is:  toronto dominion bank foreign exchange rates 1 (347) 326-9604
Forex Exchange Rate Today In South Sandwich Islands Set you alarm, 6:00pm Pacific, 7:00pm Mountain, 8:00pm Central and 9:00pm Eastern Time!

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#4 Post important phone numbers and your own address by each phone.

#5 Place a pair of good shoes under each bed where they can be reached in the middle of the night.

#6 Place a glow stick next to each bed.

Back tomorrow with number eight!

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September Newsletter:

Let’s Play…a look at things to do during a power outage to keep sane.

Food Safety…keeping foods safe during a power outage.

Frozen Food During a Power Outage, when to save and when to throw away.

Dutch Oven Cooking…How to Control the Temperature

Haybox Cooking…one more way to cook when the grid goes down.

Recipes: This month all the recipes are from 1850. They are fun and easy to make and perfect during power emergencies, after all our great grandparents didn’t have electricity!

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2 Responses to “Radio Show Tonight!…Be There 6:00pm Pacific Time”

  1. Steveffeo says:

    Outstanding first show, you will have many more

  2. Steveffeo says:

    Way to go great show

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