Seven Steps Week 37

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Don’t panic. We have been working on this long before any crisis with the economy began. If you are new here, welcome! Don’t panic, it is never too late to begin. The key is to begin now. Start with food storage. Need guidance, buy the book or check out our india stock market watch Where to Begin Food Storage category. Be sure to ask questions. We all love to help.

5 Responses to “Seven Steps Week 37”

  1. Jenny says:

    I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to helping others be prepared. You make our job so much easier and I pray that the Lord will bless you for helping others obey the counsel of His prophets. You’re the greatest!

  2. Kati says:

    I’ve made a good chicken alfredo using canned chicken, cream of mushroom soup, canned mushrooms and of course, canned milk. Very simple to make!

  3. Christine says:

    Actually, I tried the Crock-pot Oatmeal from safelygatheredin just last night/this morning. I cut the recipe in half since there were only four of us planning to eat it. I served it with a slice of homemade wheat bread. The kids really liked it and so did I. It was very tasty, warm and filling.

  4. Recwoman says:

    I would love that alfredo recipe…always looking for things that can come completely from my cupboards. I’ll have to check out safelygatheredin…thanks for the help!

  5. Sue M. says:

    I just wanted to put in my own plug for “Mother Hubbard…” I refer to it CONSTANTLY. It has really changed the way I look at my food supply and the way that I calculate for and keep track of my shopping.

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