Seven Steps Wrap Up

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We did it! Fifty three weeks ago I wondered if anyone would really care about a program to prepare your family for an emergency. We now have LDS wards and stakes, preparedness clubs and lots of individuals who have been working along with us to get their family Totally Ready for an emergency. We have worked on kits, put together a reference binder, begun our food storage, and share recipes and ideas. It’s a long list but I thought you might like to see what we have been up to this last year. If you joined us late here is the list. I am working on an ebook which will have many, many, more details but for those of you wanting to get started now, just start checking off items as you complete them. SIT BACK AND ENJOY!

24 Hr Binary Option Trading Hack Trades First Aid Kit: Created a list of first aid supplies, inventoried first aid supplies, made slings, added bandages, boy scout field book, anti bacterial cream, eye wash, sunscreen, insect repellent, and pain and inflammation medications.

Good Price Automated Binary Options Trading Signals Midgrade Sale Car Kit: Placed in the car; sturdy shoes,shovel,whistle,mylar blanket,safety vest,rain poncho, kitty litter, glow sticks, wool blanket, work gloves, phone list, lighter, umbrella, mirror or signaling device, ground to air signals chart, and a first aid kit.

Game On Forex Options Grab and Go Kit: Biohazard bags, port-a-potty,clothes pins, axe, sleeping bags, cooking pot, tarp, cooking utensils, manual can opener, hammer,Dutch oven, fuel, camp shovel, rope, wrench, and goggles.

Stock Market Crash 1929 Information 72 hour kits: Lighting needs (flashlight and glow sticks), printed list of items to include in a 72 hour kit,collected items from around the house for 72 hour kit, made a list of items still needed, added clothing to kit, added whistles to kit, batteries, multi function tool, TP, hat , safety pins, sun glasses, food, photos, toys, books and crayons, key, emergency contact forms, first aid kit, $40 in small bills and change, water , prescription info, prescription eye glasses or magnifiers, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, pain relievers, anti diarrheal medication, eye wash, insect repellent, vitamins, sunscreen, biohazard bags, hand towel, sewing kit, dust mask, pre-paid phone card, comb and brush, travel games, baby needs (bib, pacifier, bottle, spoon, toy), and ground to air signals chart.

كسب المال على الانترنت في المنزل في جيبوتي Pet Kit: Food, food and water dishes, container to carry pet 72 hour kit, collar, medications, toys, water, and emergency contact card

1 Minute The Best Binary Option Sites Trading Home Inventory: Master bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, office, family room, living room, dining room, laundry room, bedrooms, garage, basement, and food storage.

Binary Options Methods Validation Insurance Documents copied: Birth certificate, drivers license, social security card , pink slips, passport, health insurance , life insurance, marriage license, credit card information, death certificate, military records, pet medical records, wills, tax returns last 2 years, licenses and permits, power of attorney, guardianship papers, mortgage, home owners insurance, and religious certificates.

Binary360 Binary Option Trading Forex Stock Optio Pandemic: Plastic bags, rope, patient form, clothes pins, jello, tissues, N95 masks, disinfectant wipes, and thermometer

Paper Trade Options Online Three Month Supply: Ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, salad dressing, oil, vinegar, TP, toothpaste, deodorant, and shave cream.

123 Trading Signals Food Storage: Dated items not used up after one use, marked cans we had on hand with an X, fruit 8 cans per family member, vegetables 6 cans per family member, filled canning jars with water, purchased water, inventory of stored water, coffee filters to purify water, designated an area for food storage, made a list of 10 favorite meals and 5 favorite desserts, made an ingredients list for our meals and snacks, purchased ingredients for 8 meals, purchase 1 gallon bleach, oatmeal or cream of wheat, pancake mix, pancake syrup, 20 pounds of rice and/or pasta, 20 pounds flour, 3 cans protein, created inventory sheet, 3 cans soup per family member, insect spray, mouse traps, spices, 10 cans or bottles of sauces, vitamins, 3 bottles juice per family member, 20 pounds white sugar , 2 pounds brown sugar, 2 pounds powdered sugar, shampoo 1 month supply, baking powder, baking soda, corn starch, 9 favorite desserts, 10 cans milk, flavored gelatin, cheese, 6 muffin or biscuit mix, 1 month supply feminine hygiene products, disposable plates, bowls cups and utensils, laundry detergent, dish detergent, alcohol, white vinegar, inventoried gardening supplies, and gathered family medical history.

oriental trading company business edition Workplace Kit: Water, safety vest, first aid kit, food, walking shoes, toothbrush, toothpaste, pain medications, prescription medications. emergency phone list, $10.00 in small bills and coins, and disinfectant wipes.

Oman Stock Exchange Dollar Rate Around the house: Began saving change, made a list of items needed to replace electricity,, purchased lighting needs for power outage, inventoried over the counter medications, made list of medications to replenish placed a light source by each bed, placed shoes under each bed, placed emergency phone numbers next to each phone, contacted child’s school(s) about emergency plans, discussed with the family the emergency plan if the children are at school when an emergency arises , copied seasonal bargains article, “replaced” stove in case of power outage (Camp stove, charcoal., matches), “replaced” dish washer (liquid detergent, paper items), located the TV and radio stations that are the emergency broadcast system for your area, established an out of state contact, set a budget for food and gasoline, “replaced” washer and dryer, made a list of everything in your home requiring water, taught family to turn off gas, taught family to turn off electricity, taught family to turn off water, held a fire drill, bought garden seeds, planted a fruit tree, placed a phone by the bed, made a list of friends and family to trade with, contacted people to trade with, practiced making foil dinners, list of items needed for pets, created a list of handicapped neighbors and family who will need care during an emergency, discussed what your family would do if they were at a friend’s house when an emergency arose, placed emergency contact form in school backpacks, inventoried garage, established a secret message location, made list of important items during an evacuation, collected items to evacuate, posted list of where items are located for evacuation, copied evacuation article, reviewed evacuation with family, loaded car for evacuation to make sure there was enough room, moved photos to one area in the home, practiced 15 minute evacuation, evaluated home owners insurance, replaced batteries in smoke alarms, collected free buckets, mailed documents and photos to contact, copied water storage article, strapped water heater, created more room for food storage, practiced splints and slings, told 5 friends about your preparations, created a family uniform, learned to opened garage door during a power outagetried new food storage recipes, cleaning supplies for clean up (mop, bucket and rags), cleared 10 feet around propane tank and barbecue, moved heavy items to bottom shelf, moved weed killers and other chemicals, created floor plan of home and mapped two escape routes from each room, practiced building a shelter, purchased white sheets, purchased preparedness Christmas gift, made a list of preparedness gifts we would like to receive, practiced building a fire, learned a new skill, practiced a new skill, made Dutch oven dinner, purchased fire extinguisher for car, purchased fire extinguisher for home, copied computer files, copied and read burglary article, made 4 changes of your choice to burglar proof our home, planted thorny bushes to slow down burglar, purchased fire ladder, recorded serial numbers for major appliances, camped in yard using grab and go kit, made ice packs, placed locks on cupboard doors, create a phone tree, taught children how to properly wash their hands, supplies to wash clothes when there is no electricity, hand can opener, wrote a will, made funeral arrangements know, updated tetanus shots, copied airline travel article, cleaned out cupboard for food storage, checked smoke alarm, checked battery supply, placed glow sticks in each room, created room and a plan to store outdoor furniture in preparation for a storm, arranged for a pet sitter, pruned trees, purchased a battery powered clock, inventoried blankets for power outage, purchased rope and clothes pins, changed furnace filters and cleaned gutters, and copied ground to air signals chart.

AND…we have found a food storage buddy so we can complete our food storage in the next 52 weeks!

Give yourself a pat on the back and show off this list to those who have been supporting you, and especially to those who had thought you were a little crazy. Isn’t it a great feeling to know you are prepared?

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7 Responses to “Seven Steps Wrap Up”

  1. Andrea says:

    Thank you so much for doing this. When I came across your site this past summer, I had no thoughts of planning for any of the occasions you’ve considered. I am still catching up but am plodding along to be prepared.

    I feel more prepared every week AND have really thought more about finding some ways to prepare to be more self-sufficient in times of crisis. Ypu have been a blessing to me and my family and I just wanted to say thanks!

  2. bzymama says:

    I too have found this site so helpful. While I am still a little behind, each week I feel more and more at peace. I am interested in knowing when your e-book will be available!

  3. Angela Daley says:

    I just found your site and find it very imformative. I am wondering though, if you are going to compile all 53 weeks into a book of some sorts. I am wondering how to find all the steps that you did during these weeks.

  4. admin says:

    For now you can go to the categories in the right hand column and click on the Seven Steps to see what we did each week. I am hoping to get my ebook done this week. That will make it easier to follow and also expand on the explanations as to how and why we take each “step”. I’ll work on it…

  5. Julia says:

    wow! that is so awesome, i’m only on week 13 but so it’s awesome to see all I’ll have done with in the next year. Thanks for all your hard work!

  6. Mindy says:

    So you are not going to be going through the steps again this year? I am relatively new to your blog, so I guess I will just have to go bakc through and do it on my own. How will we find your e-book? I’m not sure how that works.

  7. admin says:

    I am working hard to get the new ebook finished which will include 365 Steps, one a day, to accomplish what we did in our year of Seven Steps. I hope to have that done next week. I have been so overwhelmed with questions this week that I got behind…The Mother Hubbard ebook can be found at:
    You can just download it onto your computer and then print it off as a hard copy for your preparedness binder or just read it on the computer. There are also two interactive spread sheets to help you determine the amounts you need to store and to keep an inventory of what you have as well as what you still need to purchase.
    I hope you’ll join us in building Our General Store each Monday.

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