Shelf Life of Canned Foods

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4 Responses to “Shelf Life of Canned Foods”

  1. Todd says:

    stock market close on july 7 2011 included in your food storage. I share the ideas that I have accumulated over the years.

    history of ceo stock options dried items. Whatever it is you have in your food storage, I just want to give you a few
    ideas & suggestions. I am also open for suggestions, after 17 years, I still come across
    great ideas.

    lot easier when one day they taste like taco spices & the next day curry etc. A variety of
    spices will make anything easier to eat long term. I personally have many bottles of
    tobasco. I can eat bugs with tobasco, crickets, worms etc. I am serious.

    In many emergencies clean water is a big problem. You will go through hundreds of gallons
    of water in just a few short weeks. Make sure you have a good water filter with your food
    storage. You use a lot of water to cook with & drink. A water filter that you hand pump will
    turn rain water, canal water or saved water from cooking etc. into good drinking water again.

    Keep hand sterilizer with your food storage & hydrogen peroxide. In an emergency people get
    sick & die from simple infections. In an emergency, you lose your appetite & forget to drink
    water, under stress. Your immune system suffers tremendously & small infections grow large.
    Under stress TAKE YOUR VITAMINS & DRINK WATER! You will have more energy to deal with the
    emergency & have a healthy immune system. Keep your hands clean when dealing with food &
    use the hydrogen peroxide even on small cuts as a precaution. It can save your life.

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