Tip of the Week…Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

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10) Log off when you are finished for the day.

11) Delete all personal information before you dispose of a computer. If you don’t know how to do this ask any teenager.

12) Ask about security information at work. Make sure they provide fire walls and virus detection software.

13) Read privacy policies carefully on web sites you are considering doing business with.

14) If a company you want to do business with, insurance company for example, asks for your social security number ask them if you can substitute another number such as your drivers license.

15) Keep your wallet and/or purse safe at work, church, parent club meetings, and in the grocery store. Unfortunately the only place I have ever had my purse stolen was at church. When I do my grocery shopping I either take my purse that is a small backpack and wear it or I loop the straps through the bars of the cart so it is more difficult to steal.

Naturally these are not all the ways to protect yourself but for today it is a good start. Just as with anything we do to be self reliant and prepared we need to begin. If any of these tips are ones you need to work on begin today. Once you identity is stolen it can take years to restore your credit score and good name.

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3 Responses to “Tip of the Week…Protect Yourself From Identity Theft”

  1. Jeanette W says:

    Besides the earthquake in Okinawa last night, the early morning one in Chile, there has just been another earthquake near Salta, Argentina.

  2. Jeanette W says:

    A 4.4 earthquake in Oklahoma this afternoon.

  3. LizzyP says:

    These tips are so important. I was recently made aware that identity hackers have an opportunity to attempt to get this information under the guise of census-taking this year. I don’t think it’s silly at all to remind all we know (especially those less familiar with the census procedures) that certain information is off limits to everyone. Thanks for the reminder.

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