Tuna Can Stove

In keeping with our goals to prepare while still saving money I wanted to share an idea for a “stove” for your 72 hour preparations. Camp stoves are great and definitely an item you may want to add to your gear but this purchase should wait until you have your kits, food stored and cash on hand for an emergency. Ask for a camp stove for your birthday!

This is an old idea but one that works very well. Why reinvent if the tried and true works. If you want to have a cooking source available in an emergency that is virtually free this is it.

Take a number 10 can and fill it with water. Freeze. when the water is frozen use a large nail and hammer holes in the can about two inches from the base, every two inches. Do the same measuring from the top of the can. As a last step punch holes in the center of the can. Your tuna can stove will need air to remain lit so be generous. Remove the ice and your stove top is ready to go.

What is a #10 can? The are the large, commercial size cans we used to call coffee cans.

Thoroughly wash a tuna can. Cut an old cardboard box into strips the height of the can. Roll the strips very tightly into a coil and wedge it into the can. In a double boiler carefully melt the remains of old candles. Pour the wax over the cardboard alloying it to soak in. Let the wax harden and place in a plastic bag in your 72 hour kit or store several for use in an emergency such as a power outage.

To use your stove place the tuna can on a fire proof surface and light. Invert the #10 can over the tuna can. Place a pot or other heat resistance container on the top of the can and heat the contents. The can will get very hot so be sure not to touch it unless your hands are protected.

That’s it, a simple, free, small and lightweight way to meet the need for heated food and water.

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