What About Those Pre-Assembled Kits?…Caramel Powder and Grilled Pizza

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4 Responses to “What About Those Pre-Assembled Kits?…Caramel Powder and Grilled Pizza”

  1. Angela says:

    Great points!  I totally agree on the pre-assembled kits and the tube tents!  It's okay to start with a pre-assembled kit if you want, but do some real thinking and add the things you personally want or need to the kit (which usually will mean it needs a bigger pack than it came with like you mentioned!).  I have yet to see a pre-assembled kit that is stocked with feminine hygiene products for example, and none come with clothes.  All our kits are specifically assembled to our needs.  :)

  2. cshellz says:

    I don't have a kit. I just can't do it emotionally. I know, it's terrible, it's denial, it's dumb. It's just that  I have everything in my home, all my supplies, all my prep work, all my storage items… I just can't see a situation where I would leave my home  while still breathing.  It's my safe place. It's my family's meeting place.  Help. Words of wisdom?

  3. Andrea says:

    I felt the same as cshellz…until I came to the realization that I'm 30 miles downwind of a major air force installation.  One chemical leak, one experiment gone wrong, one nutjob with a dirty bomb and a grudge against the military is all it would take to put my family in harm's way.  Whether I WANT to leave my home is irrelevant…if there's a localized/environmental disaster that puts my family in jeopardy, we WILL leave our home.   
    Our kit is packed and ready at the bottom of the basement stairs, with all the necessities including my daughter's emergency 'lovey'.      

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