Where to Take Shelter During an Earthquake…The Triangle of Life is a Fraud!…Ready or Not Tonight: Essential Oils and Their Roll in Self Reliance and Emergency Prep

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"We would like to note that the 10 tips you shared from Doug Copp are not corroborated by the ODPEM, the International Red Cross, Federal State and local emergency management experts and other official preparedness organisations," Ronald Jackson, director general of the ODPEM, said in a statement yesterday.

"As a matter of fact, his (Copp's) assertions that he has seen people who died from not using his method are not supported as his supposed experiment was a rescue exercise and did not simulate the lateral movement of earthquakes, making his results highly misleading," said Jackson.


Unfortunately, while Copp's survival tips are found all over the Internet, a lot of controversy goes along with them. Snopes.com, the popular site for debunking rumors and urban legends, has found several problems with Copp's advice. The site points out that many of Copp's claims have been debunked on scientific grounds or shown to be inaccurate because they come from experiences in other countries with different building codes. He has also been shown to have distorted and selectively used evidence to prove his points.


The U.S. Department of Justice launched a fraud investigation because Copp received $649,000 from the 9/11 victims fund yet apparently did little or no rescue work and did not suffer the serious injuries he claimed. In addition, the chief of special operations for the New York Fire Department called Copp "a bald-faced liar" .


Binary Options Trading In The Philippines Double Up Okay, that should give you a few places to research this awful idea. You can also check out snopes.com. Please send this post to all who send you the email about the triangle of life. Did you know one of the last people found alive, more than a week after the quake in Haiti, was a child found under a desk holding on.

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